The Collar

The night he put a collar around my throat it was unexpected.  We had talked about his collar a time or two.  I thought it would be fun, sexy, something new.  I was flippant in my ideas of what it was and what it would mean.  I had no idea…

We had already connected in a way that was much deeper than it should have been for the amount of time we’d known each other.  One of those connections where you’d swear you’d known this person before.  Our beginnings had been no strings attached, friends with benefits.

From the first night we both knew this was more.  Neither of us was ready for it, prepared for each other.  We were both recently out of long term vanilla relationships with bad endings. Neither of us were ready for another.  We were too well matched.  Our dynamic was sensual, brutal, deep…intensity so unexpected it felt surreal.

The night started out much the way our evenings usually did.  I walked in, the music playing low, soft light setting the house a glow,  to join him for a drink and talk about our day, our week, whatever was going on at the moment.  We sat for a while chatting and laughing.  At some point, the switch would happen.  We would go from equals enjoying each other’s company to Dominant and submissive.  I never knew when it would come but when it did, it was absolute.  A word, a touch, a gesture and my whole being shifted from equal to submissive, my need to please this man immediate and intense with just that little shift of energy.

That night, mid conversation, he took my drink.  I felt the shift in him as he told me to stand before him, strip and bend my knees.  With that shift, my heart began to pound.  I immediately began to throb as I stood and stripped before him, coming to my knees as he stood to walk behind me pushing my forehead to the couch and spreading my knees farther out.

He bent over me, bringing his lips to my skin, breathing me in before kissing the back of my neck.  I felt his hand trail down my body to touch my already dripping center.  Just the shift in him did that to me. His hands slid back up my body as he reached once more to breathe me in and bless me before continuing.

I felt him lean back and then step away.  My skin hot and my breath already ragged with knowledge of what was to come.  Or better said, knowledge that whatever came next would be intense, dark, passionate… not knowing what he had in store for me but KNOWING he had something…craving anything this man wanted from me, of me.

I heard him walk across the room and return to lean in once more.  His words whispered in my ear  “You are beautiful.  You are mine.”  With that, he pulled my arms back one at a time and cuffed them before letting them fall once more to my sides.  He leaned in again to kiss the nape of my neck, lips just brushing flesh sending tingles of electricity tracing along my flesh.  He leaned down to buckle cuffs to my ankles.

He stood then and bid me turn around to face him.  I did, leaning back on my knees to look up into his face.  He smiled down at me before leaning in once more “Mine” as he reached around and buckled his collar snugly around my throat, a predatory gleam in his eye.  The feeling of that collar around my throat was unexpected.  Something in me shifted.  The sense of being claimed, marked, owned settled somewhere deep inside me.  It left me off kilter but with a deep sense of satisfaction.  He leaned in to kiss me deeply before smiling down at me again and attaching the leash.  That leash somehow left me feeling helpless and small.  Absolute ownership settled into me with those very real symbols in a way I can’t easily express with words.  It was other worldly. For someone who is incredibly independent to feel so completely possessed was unreal.

Looking up at him, he smiled, knowing me and knowing exactly what I was experiencing.  He stepped forward, tugging on the leash and I automatically opened my mouth to take him in.  His cock sliding down my throat helped settle me, focusing all my attention on the task at hand.  He stroked my head and before gripping tightly and pulling me in, holding me firmly in place with his cock deep in my throat before releasing me and pulling away as I gasped.

He pulled me forward on hands and knees.  The sensation of being led in this fashion drove the intention deeper into my core.  My need for this…this piece, once in the midst of it, was again unexpected.  I moved forwards, my logical mind completely fascinated with my response but at the same time fully engaged and understanding that this was exactly where I belonged.

I am a strong woman who has always been in absolute control.  To give over everything in this way gave me a very different awareness of myself and much to contemplate afterwards.  At the moment it was just deeply satisfying.  I have no words to describe it.

He led me down the hallway to his bedroom.  He had his massage table set up.  We had talked about massage.  He was a chiropractor and I a long out of practice masseuse.

He pulled me to my feet, looked at me, the intensity in his eyes burning into me.  Without a word he handed me his oil and lay down on the table pulling me forward by my chain.

As I poured oil into my hands and began slowly to settle into that space I go when giving a massage, the sense of total surrender to this man and this experience settle fully into me.  To give a massage, naked, collared and held by chain was an incredibly intense and erotic experience.  It was almost religious, ritualistic and spiritual.

I have no idea how long it lasted as desire pulsed through me with each stroke and juice dripped from my slick pussy, sliding my hands along his body working deep into muscles, learning his body in a whole new way.

At some point he pulled me to him, standing as he pushed me to my knees and kissed the top of my head.  I was so focused on him that nothing else existed and it felt as though we had stepped out of time.

He proceeded to raise me to my feet and directed me to lay down on the table then proceeded to tie me in place, hands over head and feet spread wide.  Somewhere in this process, the kindness disappeared and the demon woke fully.

He looked down at me, smiled, that predatory glint back and quietly told me that he was about to push me to my limits.  So lost in him and need, I nodded, words already long lost to me.

He began slowly playing with my body, the intensity of his gaze boring into me in ways that left me drowning in desire.  A tweak of the nipple, then a cruel twist leaving me gasping.  His hands trailing down my body, over my dripping pussy, down my inner thigh causing me to beg for release.  Sensations both hard and soft playing over my flesh one at a time.  The wattenberg wheel slowly running across flesh.  A vibrator pressed hard against my pussy, ordering me not to cum as I shook desperately holding my body to his command, pulled away at the last moment followed by teeth buried deep in my flesh.  Back and forth, edged for god knows how long.

Time disappeared.  There was only the spiral of pleasure and pain for so long that when standing back, he finally ordered me to cum, the reaction was immediate and so overwhelming that I screamed as it spiraled on and on rolling through me in wave after wave of intensity.

When he finally untied me and let me sit up, my whole body was shaking with reaction and my mind blessedly silent.  He held me, pulling me back to him whispering words I couldn’t hear but felt as they settled into me.  He fed me banana and chocolate slices, my body still shaking with reaction unable to stand.  When I finally stabilized, he pulled me up and onto his bed, kissing me deeply, slowly building desire and need, eyes penetrating as he held my gaze before slowly making love to me, rocking deep inside me, pulling me to him and enfolding me in his essence until we both came together.  As the quiet settled into my mind I slowly slipped into sleep, wrapped securely in my masters arms.




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